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There are many trips to choose from. Why choose the JAM Israel trip?
JAM's signature Israel Trip is unlike anything you will ever experience.



This includes a panoramic tour of major viewpoints around Jerusalem. We also walk through the Old City and learn about the amazing history of this ancient city.

Golan Heights

The beautiful golan heights, home to world famous wine vineyards, is one of Israel's most scenic sites. The hikes will challenge you physically, and the interesting history will challenge you mentally.

Tel Aviv

As the business capital of Israel, this fun, fast paced city has it all. From the beautiful beaches to the happening nightlife – Tel Aviv has something for everyone.


The ancient mystical city of Tzefat was the dwelling place of many ancient kabbalists. Still maintaining its spiritual aura, it is the home of many brilliant artists and fascinating people.

Dead Sea

One of Israel's most famous landmarks, the Dead Sea as many healing minerals. One of its main attractions is the ability to float, besides for its natural serenity.


This ancient historical site, was the last remaining fortress in the brutal battle against the Romans. The 900 Jews on this mountain top chose to end their lives rather than fall in the hands of their dreaded enemies.


Tour the underground labrynth of the recently discovered Kotel Tunnels. Discover the Kotel, the Temple and their fascinating story.

Tunnel Tours

Tour the underground labrynth of the recently discovered Kotel Tunnels. Discover the Kotel, the Temple and their fascinating story.


This open-air marketplace is popular with tourists and locals alike. Vendors call out their wares, as the smell of fresh fruits, spices and gourmet baked goods mingle in the air.

Camel Riding

Feel like you are back in ancient times as you ride a camel in the desert. Learn how to make pita while you watch a reenactment of Abraham and his servants.

Night Life

Experience Israeli night life like never before! Smoke hookah with other Israelis and make new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Ein Gedi

These famous southern landmarks are definitely a must see in Israel. After floating in the Dead Sea, you’ll be able to cool off in the stunning waterfalls of the Ein Gedi National Park.


"Israel is the most spectacular place I have ever been to and it hurts me to leave. This trip has showen me that the U.S. is just my address. Israel is home."
-Blake G

“I think we had a really good bond on this trip. Traveling, chilling with the rabbis... we were always having a great time."
-Jaysin S

"This trip to Israel has been the greatest gift that everyone has ever given me. I have learned about Israel, Judaism, and spirituality. In these three weeks, I have become proud to be a Jew."
-Geoffrey F

"This trip touches each and every one of us in a very unique way. Some may find love, others friendship, and the lucky ones find themselves."
-Shaun Z


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