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JWSA-Jewish Women Study Abroad

Making the Decision: This program gathers individuals   into one group of women going to learn in Israel together. By connecting  individuals to each other, the group encourages and strengthens each woman in this important decision. The support of like-minded peers eases the process.
JWSA, ideally, will introduce women to each other via internet, conference calls, newsletter  and one Shabbaton. Each student considering going abroad will be matched with a peer who is also going, and someone who has studied in Israel to discuss all concerns. A JWSA representative may come to personally meet with the student to help at this crossroads

Facilitating the Process

All details of the young woman's stay in Israel will be facilitated (phone, insurance, transport, group flights, airport pick up etc...) by our staff. Literature explaining Israel, tips on dorm life, places to go, etc will be sent to each student. Each student will be assigned an "Adoptive Family" in Israel.  This will be a family in Israel who the student will communicate with before going to Israel. The idea is to personally connect the student with someone in Israel who will function as a home away from home while there.