Mission: To enable students to stay connected to their field of interest, JWSA facilitates internships in the afternoons. In this way the student can accomplish two important goals. She will work towards her career goals, and learn about Judaism at the same time. Thus a well integrated day addressing both professional, spiritual and educational interests is enabled.

JWSA has internship possibilites in a variety of fields. From working with the soil, to working in the medical field, or children with special needs, JWSA endeavors to tailor this Israel experience to the unique needs of every young woman. The following is a list of possible internships. Please note that due to various factors an internship option might be temporarily unavailable.


Assistant in an Integrated Nursery School

Gan Harmony is a nursery school in Jerusalem that integrates children with special needs together with "regular" children, from ages 2 to 6. It is a fully inclusive facility, offering complete pre-school education and a wide variety of therapies. This preschool consists of four classes. Each class of about 15 students includes five or six students with disabilities.

Internship Description
Work with children in this unique preschool, where both special needs and "regular" students participate equally, side by side, in school life. The intern will gain hands-on experience in the field of special needs integration and working with children. No Hebrew language is required.

Intern in Herzog Hospital
Herzog Hospital located in Jerusalem is Israel’s leading center for geriatric and psychiatric health care. With  over 100 years of experience, they treats the effects of advancing age and mental instability with the best medical technologies combined with professional expertise, compassion and care. Herzog Hospital is the third largest hospital in Jerusalem.

Internship Description
Work alongside the expert nursing staff while assisting in their daily tasks and keeping patients company.  Interns with paramedical training can contribute their professional expertise.  Opportunities to assist in research are also available. The intern will gain first-hand knowledge and experience in the medical and psychiatric fields. Adequate knowledge of Hebrew is required. Minimum volunteering is 1 month.

Mentor for Chayainu-Chai Lifeline
Since 1987, Chai Lifeline's mission has been to provide ill children and their families with the support needed to thrive during the long months and years from diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and beyond. Chai Lifeline helps restore normalcy to family life, and better enables families to withstand the crises and challenges of serious pediatric illness.

Internship Description
Assist a sick child and his family in his home with the goal of assuring that normal functioning of the home can continue.  Interns will put their compassion and psychology tools to use as they enter the pediatric medical world. Internships are available for both Hebrew and non-Hebrew speakers. 

Researcher at Bishvilaych - The Evelyne Barnett Women's Comprehensive Medical Center
Bishvilaych is the first and only nonprofit organization in Israel focused on prevention-based medical care and health promotion for Jewish women. Their exclusively woman-to-woman initiatives target four areas: Direct Medical Care, Medical Professional & Community Education, Research & Evaluation, and Policy Advocacy.

Internship Description:
Assist in public health-related research as it pertains to Bishvilyach women's health programs.  Interns will gain research experience, as well as medical knowledge.   No Hebrew language required.

Observe Women’s Medicine at Bishvilaych - The Evelyne Barnett Women's Comprehensive Medical Center
Bishvilaych is the first and only nonprofit organization in Israel focused on prevention-based medical care and health promotion for Jewish women. Their exclusively woman-to-woman initiatives target four areas: Direct Medical Care, Medical Professional & Community Education, Research & Evaluation, Policy Advocacy

Internship Description:
Observe the expert medical team in the Bishvilaych medical center. This is only available for students already in medical school. No Hebrew language is required.

Assistant in the Sulam Special Education Network
The Sulam Special Education Network was established in 1981, with the goal of enabling each handicapped child in their care reach their full potential. Sulam consists of nine branches, which together account for 358 children, ranging in age from 6 months to 16 years. Sulam has participated in the latest research projects, and has pioneered the use of many new treatment options, placing it at the forefront of special education in the Israel.

Internship Description:
Work alongside the staff of one of the top Special Education networks in Israel and learn from the finest educational methods used to bring out the potential of the special needs children. Observe the cutting edge rehab therapy practiced in the classrooms.  Basic/fluent Hebrew required.

Shadow a Dermatologist
An American trained dermatologist, specializing in Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, and Dermatopathology, will allow students to shadow him.  His office offers a range of services, both medical and cosmetic, including laboratory for skin pathology and fungal testing; laser treatment for various conditions, including sun-damaged skin, facial redness, and hair removal; and cosmetic peels and skin care products.  He also served as the Dermatopathology Consultant and Instructor, and Senior Dermatologist in Hadassah Hospital for many years.

Internship Description:
Shadow a dermatologist in his busy medical office in Jerusalem. Intern will learn firsthand of the intricacies, diagnoses, and treatments involved in the dermatology profession. No Hebrew language required.

Assist in Yad Sarah
Yad Sarah is the largest voluntary organization in Israel. It provides a spectrum of free or nominal cost services designed to make life easier for sick, disabled and elderly people and their families. Yad Sarah has 103 branches throughout Israel run by more than 6,000 volunteers.

Internship Description:
The intern will meet with Yad Sarah to discuss the best placement within Yad Sarah’s many programs and services. The experience and knowledge gained will depend on the intern’s placement, but may include knowledge of medical equipment and hands on experience dealing with the sick, elderly, or special needs population. Minimal commitment is three months and elementary Hebrew skills are required.

Writer for The Public Relations Department of Neve Yerushalayim College for women
Neve Yerushalayim is a leading Jewish educational network, providing quality education to women.  Neve consists of many tracks, including separate programs for English, French, and Hebrew speakers, teachers’ seminaries, post seminaries with studies leading to a bachelor's degree, a master's program, a professional training institute providing postgraduate studies, a family counseling clinic, and career training programs.

Internship Description:
Write for the Public Relations Department, under the directorship of Mrs. Ellen Clyman, an accomplished journalist. The intern will have the opportunity to sharpen her writing skills, pick up new techniques, and have her work visible to the public.

Assistant in the Jerusalem Botantical Gardens
Established in 1953, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens contain more than six thousand plant species imported from all over the world and preserved for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. The Jerusalem weather allows for the cultivation of many plants from many different types of habitats, including various rare species.  The Botanical Gardens also serve as a testing ground for many of the plants introduced into horticulture and forestry in Israel.

Internship Description:
Position will involve hands-on work in the Gardens. The intern will gain valuable experience and knowledge relevant to the botanical and environmental fields, while working with the largest living plant collection in Israel.  No Hebrew language is required.

Volunteer in Bikur Cholim Hospital
Founded 170 years ago, Bikur Cholim is the oldest hospital in the city and the only hospital in downtown Jerusalem. There are top doctors and professors heading and working in the various departments. 

Internship Description:
Work in one of Bikur Cholims many different departments, assisting both patients and nurses.  The intern will observe the medical field up close and gain experience in patient care. The choice of departments in which to volunteer is dependent on the intern’s knowledge of Hebrew, as well as the time of year.

Ezer Mizion Patient Companion and Assistant
Ezer Mizion, the Israel Health Support Organization, offers an extensive range of medical and social support services to help Israel's sick, disabled, elderly and underprivileged populations. Since its founding in 1979, Ezer Mizion has grown to become one of the largest non-profit organizations in Israel, benefiting over 650,000 people every year.

Internship Description:
Provide assistance to patients in the form of companionship and basic care. Intern will be assigned to a patient, thus relieving the patient’s family of their constant hospital shift. Intern will gain experience as a caretaker and will have the chance to observe the medical world up close in Israel’s finest hospitals. Internships are available for both Hebew and non-Hebrew speakers.

Assistant In Jerusalem Marketing Agency
This Jerusalem based digital marketing agency is known for delivering top quality results to their clients . The agency focuses on sustainable SEO, vertical search optimization, and paid search management. 

Internship Description:
Intern will assist the marketing team in meeting clients' marketing needs. Intern will learn various marketing techniques in addition to gaining valuable hands-on experience.