Deena Hoff is the administrator for all logistics and student needs while in Israel.  A member of the JAM staff for many years, Deena maintains excellence  and shows remarkable diligence in arranging tours, Shabbats and other varied needs of students while in Israel. A mother of 4 children, Deena is thrilled with her involvement in making a student's time in Israel the best ever!

Leah Ebstein  is the JAM Shabbos co-odinator.  Leah helps place the dozens of JAM students visiting, wether on a trip or part of JWSA. Leah also dedicates herself to all of JWSA other various logistal needs, all the while taking care of her twin baby girls!  We are grateful that Leah has joined our JAM Israel team.

Bracha Zaret is the co-director of JAM, along with her husband Rabbi Moshe Zaret.  Together with a staff of 6 outreach couples, Bracha spearheads a worldwide recruitement campaign for JWSA.

Naomi Manela has been the JAM office administrator for the past 15 years. She is in charge of coordinating all the US-based technical details, such as tickets, Scholarships etc. Naomi wholeheartedly dedicates herself to help each student in every way possible.